And the winner of our 50+1 Quiz is…

We are delighted to announce the winner of our 50+1 quiz. Mrs W Peck of Ryhall takes the prize of £15 and our congratulations.
We would like to thank everyone who took part in our little fundraiser, particularly Betty Edwards for being such a good sport, Ryhall Village Stores for helping us sell the quiz sheets and Colemans of Stamford for supplying the paper.
We hope you all enjoyed it too. Below are the questions and answers.
Thank you again.


Our hall president Betty Edwards is famous for her scones. We asked her how many she has baked while fundraising for the hall and she said that over the past 30 years she has made an estimated ….
How many do you think?
ANSWER: 5,760

The land on which the village hall now stands was conveyed to build the National School of Ryhall, on April 6, 1838. At that time, Victoria had been on the throne for less than a year. How long did she reign for? Two points here if you include the exact months.
ANSWER: She reigned 63 years and seven months (20 June 1837 until her death in 22 January 1901)

Our Lunch Club ran for more than 12 years. What two courses were usually served?
ANSWER: Soup and pudding

According to the conveyancing document, how much did the new trustees of the hall have to pay to buy the building in 1967?
£70 £700 £7,000
ANSWER: £700

The building became Ryhall Village Hall in 1970. What TV show in 1970 scored the highest ratings?
Coronation Street?
The Royal Variety Show?
Miss World?
ANSWER: Miss World

Miss World 1970 (BBC) 10.6 million.
Benny Hill Show (ITV) 9.3 million.
Eurovision Song Contest (BBC) 9.2 million.
This Is Your Life (ITV) 8.9 million.
Coronation Street (ITV) 8.9 million.
News At Ten (ITV) 8.7 million.
Steptoe and Son (BBC) 8.7 million.
Royal Variety Show (BBC) 8.5 million.

What links The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the hit single Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush… and the Ryhall Revellers?
ANSWER: 1978

Revellers take to the stage for the first time that year.
March 5 – Wuthering Heights, the debut single by Kate Bush, charts at No 1 in the United Kingdom, making her the first woman to have a self-penned number one single.
March 8 – The first radio episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, is transmitted on BBC Radio 4.

The hall caught fire some years ago.
Where did the fire start? 
The boiler room? The roof? The kitchen?
ANSWER: The roof of the small hall

The hall has staged three successful pantomimes in the past 12 years. Can you name them? One point for each.
ANSWER: Cinderella in Ryhall, Dick Whittington, Snow White and the Seven (or so) Dwarfs

There are several names etched into the concrete on a kitchen window sill outside the hall. Name one of the naughty rascals who made their mark there.
ANSWER: Fish, Nobby, A J, Crofty, Mat, Pud, Stoke, Porky, GD, Ena, LW, Pat (Fat?).

A local Irish hooley band have performed at the hall with a troupe of dancers and thoroughly entertained us all over the years.Name that band. Was it:
The Sham Rocks? Rough and Ready? Ready to Drop? Ripe and Juicy?
ANSWER: Rough and Ready

What is believed to be the oldest item that we have in the hall? A folding table, probably used for whist and beetle drives? An extra large teapot filled countless times to ensure no one has ever gone without a cup that cheers?
A bentwood hatstand?
ANSWER: Folding table

A building in Back Lane was used as the village hall before 1970.
What was it known as?
Was it the Old Shack? The Old Hut? The Old Cabin, The Old Den?
ANSWER: The Old Hut
Where were village children mostly educated before Ryhall school was planned in 1838?
The vaulted cellar at the Green Dragon? The room over the church porch? The attic at Ryhall Hall?
ANSWER: School room over the church porch.
The Revellers raised more than £27,000 over the years they performed at the hall. How long were they in action for?
9 years? 19 years? 29 years?
ANSWER: 29 years
Many fundraising efforts have been made to help the hall. Which is the correct one here?
A Silent Disco?
A 20-mile sponsored walk that (for some) ended in the dark after midnight?
A Tiddlywinks Tournament?
ANSWER: 20 mile sponsored walk

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